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Web Development in Kolkata - PHP Development

These days Websites are required to have interactive organs, whether in the shape of a simple submission form that saves users’ information to a database or an elaborate social networking site such as Face Book. Web application development is one of our core competencies. We have expertise on different web technologies like Microsoft .NET, Java & PHP. Our team members are highly proficient in design and development of web applications using most modern content management system frameworks including Joomla, Magento, Wordpress, Drupal, Cakephp, Zencart and E-Commerce, Backed with a good fifteen year experience and we are able to implement almost any functional requirement for your Website. Our team is capable of handling all aspects of web development, including end-to-end security, integration with online payment gateways, order processing, content management, database integration and final project testing. Using our time tested and proven web development methodology, we are able to provide you with innovative and industry best solutions to the most complicated of your business problems.

At JM Infotech our goal is to develop technically complex yet elegant and intuitive web development solutions that cost less to develop and maintain while at the same time leveraging the full potential of the latest web technologies available thereby allowing you to maximize your business potential. All our web applications are customized to our customers' needs and requirements. Whether you are a small or large company, or you need more functionality or less, our web development solutions are tailored to match your needs and budget. As a web development company working towards delivering professional web site development services it is our assurance to you that be it a corporate website or an e-commerce website or customized web applications we would always be ahead of any other in website development in Kolkata. PHP Development in Kolkata : JM Infotech provides open source services such as PHP Web Development and related services. PHP has become one of the major players of web development market in the recent few years. It has evolved to include a command line interface capability which can be used in standalone Graphical Applications. PHP is free software that includes larger implementation for the 'C' programming language for communicating with the databases, enabling the building of simple and dynamic web applications. In this tech savvy world where most of the business functionalities are directly dependent on automated applications and techniques, there is a huge demand for PHP Website development and especially for PHP developers involved for customizing PHP development solutions to meet the varied business and other user needs. JM Infotech has deployed many robust web applications by fulfilling the client’s most complex requirements on consistent basis and saves around 30% to 40% of the development time having small execution, maintenance and mending costs and our dedicated PHP developers and PHP coders is ready to develop reliable and scalable web application solutions as per Client's requirements.

We have a wealth of experience of PHP driven web development Team who provide bespoke PHP based services to help Client's business start-up and increase sales. We focused around the philosophy of a long-term partnership, with providing the experience, knowledge and expertise in helping to create a unique business for Our International Clients.

JM Infotech offers full spectrum PHP Development solutions:

1. Shopping carts
2. Products catalogues
3. Content Management System
4. Ecommerce Portals
5. Events Calendar
6. Customer management
7. Credit card processing
8. File management
9. Mailing systems
10. Integrated search
11. Dynamic Image Manipulation
12. Directory and Classifieds
13. Enterprise Systems


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