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Text SMS

SMS is the most popular mean to communicate with each other and this has become one of the best services in promoting a website. JM Info Tech is the leading company which is offering this service at best price in effective manner. We even provide web and desktop based free SMS application without any extra cost. This is the best time to integrate SMS to your business and provide paramount service for your customers. One of the best services that we offer is, sending an Excel based dynamic SMS without any extra cost. Our text SMS service, delivers messages to all cellular networks in India and we can send different customized messages to various mobiles in a single click. We ensure high delivery speed with parallel connectivity and this text SMS service in JM Info Tech is cost effective.

Tersms & Conditions :

Payment will be in advance. Service will be activated on receipt of payment. No refunds will be given for unused credits.

Note :

Please note that every 160 characters of SMS constitutes 1 SMS Unit. If the number of characters in your message exceeds the 160 limit (e.g.161 characters), it will be counted as 2 SMS Units. To send 1 SMS Unit you need 1 credit.


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