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Long Code SMS

A long code refers to a typical 10-digit dedicated phone number which facilitates a business to obtain SMS and voice messages from throughout the world. Long codes allow businesses to have their own dedicated phone number to receive and transmit SMS text messages. JM Info Tech offers best services in sending these long codes either to a single or in bulk. Long codes are similar to mobile texting plans and are intended for person-to-person communication. Messages to a long code are usually treated as a standard SMS for the user making them extensively used in a number of different mobile messaging campaigns. A country-specific long code can be easily obtained through the store on our messaging platform. Long codes are cost effective and easy to setup.

JM Info Tech would help you in marketing your brand using the same long code every time you send an SMS. These are significantly less expensive than short codes and are more affordable than short codes as they are not intended to transmit a large volume of SMS text messages. We ensure in providing best long code services. We support you 24/7 for any assistance.


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