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Student Management Systems in Kolkata

Student management is about managing student information on a day to day basis, in a school or college. A student management system (SMS) is a software that allows you to record and manage all relevant information about current and prospective students of an educational institution. There are different types of student management systems in the market today and each may have different types of features, based on the purpose they serve. Vendors today, also offer tailored student management systems to meet the unique requirements of a school.

Features : Typically, a student management software is able to do the following tasks for the school.
Record prospective student information and handle their inquiries
Enroll new students and record their choice of teaching options
Manage student admission process
Maintaining student attendance and absence
Record and manage examinations, periodical assessments, scores and grades, and the student's academic progress
Record and update fee and other payment details
Record parent/guardian information
Store alumni information

Student management systems are aimed at schools and colleges that have to deal with the above tasks on a daily or weekly basis. A number of institutions today use student management systems to record and maintain information relevant to the student. However, it is not mandatory for these institutions to invest in such a software and some schools still prefer to go by the traditional method of maintaining physical files for student management.


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