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Calling Management Systems in Kolkata

In telecommunications, call management is the process of designing and implementing rules and parameters governing the routing of inbound telephone calls through a network. These rules can specify how calls are distributed according to the time and/or date of the call as well as the location of the caller (usually defined by the outbound Caller ID). Call Management also involves the use of Calling Features such as Call Queues, IVR Menus, Hunt Groups and Recorded Announcements to provide a customised experience for the caller and to maximize the efficiency of inbound call handling.

Call management is most effective when a call logging software tool is used. Call Management is performed on varying degrees of scale, from an individual screening unwanted calls from a residential landline to an international call carrier routing calls to different worldwide locations by percentage. Systems for governing Call Management can be in the form of hardware, such as a PBX Telephone System attached to an ISDN30 or a hosted software-based system. The Automatic call distributor may also provide a screen pop or other information to the call answerer.


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